I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT IMAGE...I have to say that I'm still in shock of what I saw and what has happened. I was on my way to my school (B.M.C.C.) which is about five blocks from the former World Trade Center. I get off the train at 9:25am to find some one saying "you might as well go home...there was a terrorist attack." I didn't know what to think so I prayed before I went up the stairs. I first saw a huge cloud of smoke and then I saw one of the buildings on fire. I went into the middle of the street to see both buildings on fire about 4 blocks from me. I, like everyone else was in shock and just staring at it in disbelief. I started walking toward it because I wanted to get to where my boyfriend works which is on Wall Street, closer to the disaster. A cop pushed me and told me to get out of the way. I asked someone what happened and they said a bomb hit. I checked pay phones but none were working. I asked anyone with a cell phone and they said they weren't working either. I was there about 10-15 mins before I got on the train home. From what I understand, The first building fell about 10 minutes later. Thank GOD I left when I did. They are showing pictures of where I was standing and looks like a war zone. I rushed home not to find my boyfriend home. I started crying hysterically. I checked my messages to find my Aunt and Mother but not him. I left messages to them telling them I was ok but I didn't know he was at. I finally get through to his mother's house to find that he walked there with 2 of his friends.

He told me his story of what he saw and it is much worse than mine. He heard the first plane hit when he was getting mail for his company and rushed to his job. He then saw the second plane hit from the window and they dust cloud hit the window so hard that if it had not been double paned, it would have crashed. Everyone rushed to get out through the stairs but when they opened the exit it was pitch black. Everyone rushed to the lower levels. He said people were panicing and having asthima attacks. Some people from the streets rushed to the lower levels, he gave them water and helped wash the soot out of a few people's eyes. Smoke started seeping in and he said his friend and him were planning on what to do if it got too thick. He thought his building may have been on fire as well. He walked then to 53rd and lexington to get a train (I'd estimate 5-10 miles) I didn't see him until 4pm.

While I was near the disaster, some people said they saw alot of people jumping out of windows. I have that image burned in my head. My mother used to work on the 33rd floor and my Aunt was working there when the first attack hit in '93. I have a friend that worked on the 11th floor of tower 2. I haven't heard from her but I assume she is ok. Most people from the lower floors got out. My soon to be sis-in-law's exboyfriend's 2 uncles worked on the 106th floor. May GOD be with them if they didn't get out. I don't know when I can go back to my school or if I want to go back. I will never get the image of those two huge buildings burning. I, like most of us watching, didn't think at all that the buildings would fall. I feel emotionally drained and exhausted from crying. I really hope that revenge is done severely and swiftly. I hope GOD is with you ALL and we now understand how fast life can be taken away from us. I just saw the fourth building, One Liberty Plaza collapse. This seems as if it will get worst before it gets better. They are worried about a gas leak and all I could think about is if there are any survivors under the rubble, this will make it worse. I am crying right now just at the thought of people trapped. I don't know what else to say...

If anyone wants to talk about the experience, please don't hesitate to email me or try and IM me. I hope that your families are safe. Tomorrow is not promised so please love your life and everyone that is close to you.


09.15.01 - I am feeling alittle better but still depressed. I am very jumpy and like LaPrincessaAzteca put it, When there was lightening here, I was feeling paranoid as well. When ever I hear a fighter jet go over head, I brace myself. I don't feel safe at all for my family in Manhattan. I am SO scared of us going to war. I understand why we ARE, but things WILL get alot worst before it gets better if we do go to war. It seems inevitable that we will and so I pray for the innocent people in Afghanistan that may perish because of our attacks (if we do attack). I got an email saying "kill the Arabs". What kind of sickness is that? I reported the person.

Sadaam and Afghanistan have threatened us to NOT strike or there will be retaliation. I have so many bad thoughts in my head like the survivors that may still be trapped underground and of the victims on the actual flight. There were a 2 month, 2 yr and 4 yr old children on one of the flights. A channel actually aired a man's message to his family from the Twin Towers saying that he knew he was going to die and that he wants his family to live on and that he loves them...I cried hysterically. The spanish station actually aired people jumping to their death. There are sooo many people on the news looking for family and friends. I realize that I have to stop watching the news for a little while. That's basically all I've been watching, hopeing when I wake up the survivors would have been found. I've lit candles and put them outside my window to help guide the spirits to GOD. Please pray everyone, whether you are Christian, Muslim, or whatever GOD you believe in.

9/17 - Well I'm stuck home until October 1st. Since my school is about four blocks from the site, it is being used as a command center. All the professors in the socialogy, psychology, and nursing departments are volunteering there skills. I'm bored out of my mind. I'm gonna go look for a part-time job while I have the time and go visit my mami. I feel weird going to Manhattan after what happened. I was supposed to pick up my paycheck from Hunter College but had them mail it to me. It just feels strange going to Manhattan after that. I used to be able to see the Twin Towers from my Mom's block very clearly. I am scared of what I will see and feel.

My boyfriend, Anthony, went to work this morning at 7am and I've been up since then. I got scared because I heard heavy foot steps. I realized it was the neighbors upstairs. We have wood floors so we hear walking alot but it was very clear this morning. I need to get my ass up and get motivated. Don't worry Christina, I won't fall into a hole of depression, and THANX everyone who has been concerned and caring. It makes me so happy to know that people care about me.