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This is my chance to say whatever the hell I want, and my chance to complain about all the bullshit I go through everyday. Daily bitchiness: Why the hell do people with huge asses think they can squeeze into a seat on the train not even big enough to hold your purse???? I HATE THAT!!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Yes, I didn't think I would get to this point but I'm really sick of school. This semester is sooo wack (80's style). All of my classes are very hard except painting. Maybe they really aren't but I'm just not motivated to put any effort into them. I'm taking business communications, which I have to do 4 presentations in front of the class, an individual report AND group report. It's a more complicated speech class. The professor sucks ass too. Then I have English Literature II which is everything from the romantic period to the present. I already said the text was like 3000 pages (seriously) and we have to read THREE novels. Then I have spanish II which is like taking japanese to me. Alot of stuff is taught in spanish II but with not alot of time to really understand it and the fact that our professor doesn't speak english very well doesn't help. I'm going to drop my sculpture class because I missed alot of classes already and probably take it my next and last semester.

My old boss from the health dept. in my school wants me to work nights with her AND my counselor wants me to help her start an honors society for a program I'm in since I'm on the dean's list and have a good GPA. I fell soo good that people want me to work with them BUT where will I get the time to get good grades and concentrate, work at night AND start a honor's club and society? I know I should make the effort, and I guess I am but I can't let all these things take a toll on me. I'm already feeling tired for no reason and worried about my grades because I missed a few days. I just have to pick myself up and get motivated huh? I know, I know...stop complaining and do whatcha have to do. peace.

Saturday, October 13, 2001

My fears have come true. I had a feeling that whoever spread anthrax in Florida would start hitting other places. I feel they are trying to mainly hit news targets, although I wouldn't put it pass them to surprise us all but sending it to random people. My mom is really worried about it. I just told her to not open any letter that looks suspicious. Don't even take that chance ya know? Later

Thursday, October 11, 2001

I know I'm not writing as much but I haven't really been in the mood. I'm trying to adjust to going to school in a war zone and coming back to my quiet little home. I'ts kinda nerve racking. School is going ok. I'm starting to get back into the groove. Not slacking as much. As for my former pinesol flurry, I'm now on the opposite side of the spectrum. I have no urge to clean. I'm feeling very tired lately. It may be the stress or just my period.

I have to finish the novel,"Pride and Predjudice" by monday. We have a test on the book without a review. Lucky me eh? I got a 95% on my spanish test though. I tend to do well on tests. Don't ask me how. As for the whole bombing mission in Afghanistan, I don't agree or disagree with it. I mean, we should retaliate but at who's expense? More innocent civilians? I know they say that they are only hitting military targets but come on. I know people will suffer the consequences. I think that Bush has been doing a good job so far. He grew balls since all this happened. I like that. Ok...enough said.

Friday, September 28, 2001

I've been into this cleaning rut for a while now. My home is immaculate. I've been watching "trading spaces" on TLC and I LOVE that show. I've started doing little projects in my apartment. I'm going to add some pictures of my apartment soon so all of ya'll can be jealous lol {j/k}. I must say, I can be creative when I want to be. I really want to study something with art or design but I have it stuck in my head that you can't make any money in it. I know it's not true but you have to be really talented to succeed. Who knows...I may study something like Business Management and become the next Donna Karen or Christopher Lowells (LMAO if you know who this is then you watch to much TV like me!) ;D

Saturday, September 22, 2001

I'm here at almost 2am and bored as hell. My baby is sleeping because he needs to go do some overtime this weekend (selfless huh?). We are going to the METS vs BRAVES game tomorrow night. He is so excited. He got the tickets cheap off of one of his friends. I'm not too thrilled but I act it so he knows that I'm appreciative that he chooses to bring me and not one of his friends. I'll probably have a good time there though. I asked him if he'd want to bring a friend. He loves me...I know from his actions....not his words. I'm rambling on because I haven't really been able to go to sleep at a decent time since I don't have school or a job at this time. I better kick this habit before it get's worse. I'm listening to some merengue from outside. I guess they're having a party. I haven't been to one in a minute. I need to get off of my depressing ass and start having fun again. I guess I'll end it here because my eye-strain headache from staring at this screen is getting worse...finito!

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

I haven't posted in a while because alot of what I have to say I've put on the front page for everyone to read. I'm feeling ok but I'm worried that I may be getting depressed because I haven't really wanted to get out the the house much and my nerves are out of wack. I am shaking alot for little things and have been scared at stupid things when I'm home alone. I've also been having nightmares. I haven't been crying excessively or anything like that (even though a couple of times I've wanted to) but I know that I'm not acting the same since the attack. My routine has been fucked up since the attack because of my school closing so I don't really have anything to do. I made a painting in memory of the attack the same day it happened. I'll put it up another time.

Saturday, September 08, 2001

Jaime Foxx was funny as hell. The tribute to Aaliyah was aaight. Everyone else sucked. Too many mistakes made me pissed off...and that's all I have to say about that :`/.

"I LOVE YOUUUU"yup, sure didyaaayyy

Yes I suuuuuree did go to the concert. I'm sooo proud that I can say that. The tickets came ut to about $370. My sister's boss had tickets but he didn't want to go so he gave two to my sister's manager, and later gave two to her. She found out like an hour before the show and called to invite my mom but she didn't want to go so I had a big dilemma. I was supposed to go somewhere with my man but then realized...what the hell is wrong with me!?! I HAVE to go. It was sooooooooo good. Most of the acts sucked but when he did his thing with his brothers, they FREAKED it! Ummm Britney, N'Sync, Chris Tucker, Shaggy (waaack!), Monica, Mya, Whitney Houston (looking like a crackhead), Destiny's Child, Usher, Elisabeth Taylor, Jill Scott (my girl!!), Ray Charles, Marc Anthony and others were there to pay tribute to him. He was freaky looking as usual but he performed a whole bunch of his songs like "beat it", "the way you make me feel" and others. It was almost 4 hours so I'd say the peeps who paid go there money's worth except for the fact that it was about an hour late, there were ALOT of pauses after each song and the other performers weren't that good. Marlon Brando was there but he wasn't making sense so people started booing. We were cracking up. He yelled at the audience saying that what he had to say was important. Ohh what a sad sight that was. Janet Jackson wasn't there which was messed up. He probably won't do something like this ever again and she didn't even bother to tape something for him or show up. Ricky Martin and Shaq didn't go either. We had good ass seat and the lady next to us lend us her binoculars a couple of times to get close up views. Michael kept saying "I LOVE YOU" over and over but it was ok. We went right along with him. I felt weird because I felt too young to be there but I must say that my sis and I have been fans since his thriller days so we had just as much fun as any 40 year old did. They finished with "We are the World" which was alittle corny but corny enough to make everyone want to participate. We got on a few cameras afterward but realized that they were from France lol. We didn't care...It was great. :D