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I added a new chatroom that allows people on this page to chat only while I'm there. I'd like to start doing scheduled chat sessions once in a while to meet the people that visit this page. I plan on installing a more enhanced chat but for now, this will do. If you're interested in joining or scheduing a chat, just email me and let me know. :


I added some new games to the tools page. You can now play hangman, a "Response" test, and Snake. I'll add more games in the future. I also put a new calendar that allows you to view other months. The calculator and net search are still there so go make them useful!.


The recipe page is here! I'm still working on it right now. It will include many hispanic recipes found online, in books and in my family. I hope you use them and give them to your family to try. The categories are: entrees, desserts and drinks. I still have alot of recipes to add check back. Enjoy it!

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11.28 - I added an entry to the "ARCHIVED" section to the right -> . It is an essay I did, basically writing down everything I feel thankful for. I also Updated the celebrity page. The spotlight is now on Michelle Rodriguez. ;)

11.29 - I added two new games to the "tools" section of the site. I also replaced the old calendar with a new version that can display other months. Music coming back soon! Enjoy.

11.30 - I revamped the "About Me" page. I added new pics of myself and refreshed my Bio. As you can see, I'm trying to update all of my pages.

12.11 - New layout for "my pics" page. I'm using a similar template for most of my pages because it is simple, streamlined and easy to update. Enjoy.

12.09 - Hey, it's been awhile but I've been very busy with school and work. I will be adding new content in the beginning of the new year. I'm going to graduate next semester and I will have alot of classes so this site will drop alittle in priority. Not to say I won't update, because I will, but I'm basically saying I won't update as much. If you'd like to know when and what content I'll add, please sign up with my mailing list below and I will keep you posted.

Is it me, or do people that you don't even think of in the least try to make superficial impressions in your life? I'm sure you've had this happen at least once in your life...or maybe you're the one that is needy enough to do/say/perpetrate pety little things to other people to try and feel included in their life. I just don't understand why people don't/want/can't just move on. I just want to vent out my opinions to my readers, I know I'm not the only one that gets pissy about these things. Oh well...like the saying goes...whatever will be, will be.

12.11 - I'm going to put up a new image on the splash page. I think we all need to see something different. It will be by a spanish artist so check back soon.

happy holidays!

12.13 - I just wanted to wish everyone HAPPY HOLIDAYS. I made myself the christmas tree as you can see lol. I hope everyone has a good one and enjoys time with family.

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