Stuffed Pernil
Black Beans and Rice (1)
Black Beans and Rice (2)
Pork Chops
Shrimp in Tomato Pimento Sauce
Potato Salad
Classic Pernil
Garbanzo and Cheese Salad
Ham Loaf
Cheese Fritters
Roast Chicken
Cheese Empanadas
Home-Made Salsa
Hot BBQ Sauce
Avocado Soup
Garbanzos with Chorizo
Steak and Rice
Baked Fish
Season Ground Meat
Chicken Breats in Salsa


Welcome to the Latina Recipes Page. I have collected some well-known and some lesser-known recipes from various hispanic backgrounds. Most of the recipes are from family elders, and internet research...hopefully others will be from contributers like you. There are three catergories right now to the left; Comidas for foods, Postres for desserts and Bebidas for drinks. Click on each name to open a pop up of the recipe. You can save the recipes for future reference. Please don't link directly to the pages.

If a food is not linked to it's recipe, it will be added shortly. It takes a while to type out each and every recipe. I will add about 3-4 a week until they are all linked. After that, I will add news ones I have found or you have contributed.

Please fill out the form below to send me recipes or any comments you may have on the page (sending a message will redirect you to the main page). I'll give you credit for the recipe. I appreciate anything you would like to contribute. Pass this page on to relatives and friends and let me know if you try out any of the recipes. ENJOY!




Cream cheese Flan
Mexican Fried Dough
Corn Cakes
Rice Pudding
Bread Pudding
Coconut Pudding
Candied Beans

Pina Colada
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