When was it created?

I forgot, but it has been up since 1997...I think. (it was really plain back then).

How did you learn how to do websites?

I saw a friend's page and was interested in how to make pages. I read a few books (one was "html for dummies") and started playing around with it when I got a computer. There are a million sites on learning HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PERL and more. I didn't really get into it until about two years ago.

What do you use for the pages?

My creativity, ideas that interest me, tripod.com to host me, YMLP.com, bravenet for some services, photo plus 5 for image slicer, maps, gifs etc, flamingtext.com for some of the images and other sites that I can't think of.

How come this site is only for latinas?

ALL are welcome here. I wanted to make a site especially for latinas because of the lack of good, informative, fun, and interesting pages. Most of the content on this site is universal and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Can you help me with my page/learn how to make a page?

If I have the time and patience I'll help you with a specific problem you're having with your page but I won't make the page for you. Just ask me and I will see what I can do for you.

Can you link me/add me to your webring?

Sure! Just email me your link, or put it on the g-book stating you want me to add you. Click on "join ring" on the bottom of the main page to join the webring. (latina oriented/webmasters preferred)


1024 x 768 pixels
Millions of Colors
IE 5+/Netscape 6/AOL
Javascript/Pop-up enabled
Web TV Classic
closed mind


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