This page is to remind us of the kid we have inside of us. I know you know at least half of these song, and if you don't...I feel sorry for you! I am in the process of trying to find other kid's songs, cartoon songs and other kid related thing for this page so if you know of any good sites with midis please email me.
If you have kids please feel free to let them roam on this page because it's kid proof and there will be alot of things added to the page eventually. If you have any idea please let me know. (If you want to save the midi's, right click on the one you like, press "save target as" and it will save it in a folder on your hard drive.)


Banana Song
Beetle Juice
The Flintstones
The Ghostbusters
The Looney Tunes
Mickey Mouse Club
The Wizard of Oz
The Pink Panther
Puff the Magic Dragon
Ren and Stimpy
Sesame Street
The Simpsons
Star Wars
Tiny Toons

A list of Kid Friendly Websites

MAMA MEDIA WEBSITE: A lot of games and activities 5-12yrs

RUGRATS IN PARIS WEBSITE: The website for the movie 2-12yrs

BARBIE WEBSITE: A site for the little princesses 3-12yrs

PBS WEBSITE: The PBS website, activities for the shows like Sesame Street, Arthur and more..all ages

FARM ANIMALS FOR TODDLERS: A site for you to read to your kids. Great for teaching them about animals 2-5yrs

GLENN TEITELBAUM'S MAZE : This page is great for kids to develop problem solving skills. 7-adult

HANGMAN AT KIDS' CORNER: The classic game made simple. 5-12yrs

PLAY TO LEARN WITH NICKJR. CHARACTERS: A great page for your kids to learn and have fun. must have flash player to play this. 4-12yrs

BUILD A MONSTER: A simple building game for toddlers 2-5yrs

CONNECT THE DOTS GAME: Each time your child visits they'll find different connect-the-dot picture to do. Easy. 2-5yrs

FRAGGLE ROCKER: For all the fraggle rock fans.

YESTERDAY LAND: Now all us adults can act like kids again.


muppets! muppets! muppets! muppets! muppets!