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This is the section on beauty. I have found alot of tips and experiments on my own, but also through help from books, familia, and your own ideas. I'm going to add more tips as soon as I get enough tips together. Please keep them coming and thank you for your help.

UPDATE (10.09.01): New tips and layout to be added, come back soon!



1. For an added boost to your moisturizer, add a capsule of vitamin E.
2. To get beautiful, soft feet, slather on vaseline and cover with heavy socks, go to sleep and you'll see the difference in the morning.
3. To get rid of the redness of a pimple, put on some visine, it takes away the redness.
4. After you use the camomile tea to lighten your hair, save the bags and apply to your eyes. It get's rid of puffyness.
5. Witch hazel can be used as a toner or astringent.
6. Use hair spray to stop static cling.
7. Get that leftover lipstick from the bottom of the tube and put it in small pill boxes.
8. My tia uses this once a week and her skin glows, smash a carrot, one capule of Vitamain E, and alittle water. Apply to the face for half an hour, then rinse.


I have tried all of these products and they have proven there worthiness.
(A) Cholesterol Conditioner- Good to condition thick,dry or processed hair.
(B) Feria Hair Color- The best hairdye I've tried and I've have been a few. Also gives you more dye for long hair.
(C) Ponds Ultra Silky Body Lotion- Not greasy and leaves skin very soft.
(D) John Frieda's Frizz Ease- Softens hair, stops frizzies and doesn't leave hair heavy or greasy.
(E) All Sebastian Hair Products- A little on the expensive side but worth it. Especially the deep conditioners.
(F) Almay & Maybeline Mascaras- They don't clump up.
(G) Rubbing Alcohol- Degreases your face (use a light moistuizer after to protect skin).
(H) Eyelash Curler- Opens up your eyes and makes you look awake.
(I) Hard As Nails Nail Polish- Really hardens nails and lasts a long time.
(J) Wet & Wild Eye Liners- Cheap but good for lips or eyes.
(K) Vaseline- The most effective and simple moisturizer. ( and a quick shine booster/defrizzer for your hair..use sparingly).


If you have any ideas I'd really like to know. Please sign my guestbook on my homepage and let me know what you have to say. Leave an email address so I can get back to you thanks for the support! Thanks to all of you that have emailed me with your kind words.

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1. Instead of blowdrying your hair put it in rollers or wrap it to keep it soft and healthy.

2. To keep ends from drying out of splitting, apply shea butter (in most african, or botanica stores) to the ends only. Apply deep conditioner to the rest of your hair and go under dryer for 10 mins. on medium heat. Cholesterol conditioner can be subsituted for the shea butter.

3. If you run out of mousse or gel, use conditioner, it will give you nice curls, but don't apply too much or you'll look like you have a bad case of dandruff.

4. One of the oldest tricks in the book for healthy hair is Avocado. Blend a whole ripe avocado, teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 cup of water. Put on hair and leave on for 1 hour.
Please DONOT go under the dryer or you'll have a salad dressing on you're head!

5. To completely remove residue from your hair add 3 tablespoons baking soda and shampoo to your hair. Let it sit for five minutes and rinse.

6. When you've left the hair color on too long go for the dandruff shampoo as soon as you rinse. It will take the excess out.

7. To add homemade highlights, add lemon to strands of hair and sit in the sun for awhile. Do this sparingly because this could be damaging to dry hair.

8. To enhance your color or for a pick-me-up between colorings add these ingredients for your hair type:

Light hair: Brew a cup of chamomile tea. Let it stand until room temperature. Spray or comb into dry hair.Leave it on for half an hour and then rinse.

Dark Hair:

Brew an expresso or any strong coffee. Spray or comb into dry hair. Leave on for half an hour and rinse.

9. To avoid breaking/damaging hair, comb in shower with a wide tooth comb while the conditioner is in.


1. Well my future mother-in-law swears by this mask and uses it on a weekly basis, and believe me for a woman in her forties she looks great. a) Cook instant or regular oatmeal. b) let cool and mix a little honey and vitamin E (as described in #7). c) Apply and alow to dry, about 15 minutes. Rinse. This recipe is also good in a bath, add some candles and music and you're good to go!

2. I do this tip on a weekly basic and because I'm prone to those time of the month pimples, it helps to extract the dirt from the pores. a) Fill up bathroom sink with hot water. b) Get a comfy chair or stool and towel, bend towards sink making sure not to touch the water, and cover your head so that the steam will not escape from the towel. c) Stay their for about 10-15 mins. d) follow with a MILD astringent such as witch hazel (as described in #5).

3. To make your eyes look less puffy nad red, apply white eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye and on the lower eye lid

4. I got this tip from someone that visited the site and have found it to work for me... Use toothpaste on a pimple. Completely cover the pimple each day until it disappears!

5. For a cheap effective astringint use one part fresh lemon juice and two parts water. Apply with cotton ball. Also effective alternatives are Rose water and Witch hazel. Rubbing alcohol is used but is harmful for the skin. There's never any reason to rinse any of these toners.

6. For acne-prone skin use milk of magnesia as a mask once a week. Apply right from the bottle and leave on untill it is dry(about 5-10 mins).

7. I used to have problem skin but have found pure vitamin E to be extremely helpful. I just take a capsule once a day.

8. If you have foundation that is alittle too dark for your skin, mix alittle with your daily moisturizer. It will give you a nice glow.

9. "For perfect skin and no pimples, smother raw egg yolk over your face and leave for 15-20 minutes it really makes a difference!!" (Thanx TAS for this tip!)

10. "For flaky dry skin on the face: Mix sugar and water, not too much, and apply it on my skin and gently message for a few minutes. After I rinsed it off, it left my skin very soft, less dry and it didnt leave it oily like most moistorizers do." (Thanx MEXLOWRYDERHYNA3 for this tip!)