The page for the
Young Hispanic Woman with a mind of her own!
(Women of all colors, shapes, and sizes are welcomed!)
The inspiration for this page comes from being a young woman
proud of her culture. Hopefully this page will empower
young women to find the knowledge of getting past
the corner bodega(a local store).So sit back relax
enjoy that COQUITO and have fun.
Along with the serious stuff you can find some
great hookups and chat.
Thanks alot!



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3. I am still going to add a GALLERY of my art to this page, but it will probably be up later that expected, somewhere between February and March. I will sell some of the prints of the pieces framed. For a sample of my art check the "ABOUT ME" page. Prints of my art will be pretty cheap between $5.00 and $15.00 so look out for that. Thanx for all the support!



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Hey well it's that time of year when you are still broke from Christmas and New Year's but guess what fellas....Valentine's day is around the corner! It's also the time of year when the conception rate of babies skyrockets so remember the protection! :) Here are a few ideas for the women and men that are on a budget:
1. A bouquet of flowers (they don't have to be roses). Mix and match with colorful flowers. Try unique, types like sunflowers.
2. If you have a voice, a self-written song will melt any chica. I guarantee you!
3. Hand picked flowers (without the roots please!), you can add chocolate but that is optional.
4. A letter that is written straight from the heart with a single flower in it.

1. Number 2,3 or/and 4 from above.
2. Wear a thong tha thong.....or anything else sexy that he hasn't seen you in already. That'll surely do it.
3. Take him out to dinner for once!
4. Get him a zebra speedo and tell him to wear it when you go out to dinner! :)
Hope you enjoy el dia de amor and tell us what gift you gave your sweetheart.

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This page is tailored to the Young, Urban Latina who wants a site to learn, and have fun at the same click of a button. The lack of really informative and fun web pages is why I decided to do this. I have many things in store for this page(advise column, mami's beauty tips, hispanic celebrity info and pics,etc...). From time to time I will spotlight an up and coming artist and people in general that help our community be positively recognized

I read in the newspaper that by the year 2100, one in three people in the United States will be Hispanic, finally being considered as a majority. By this projection 190 million people will be Hispanic. There are a lot of mixed emotions about this subject. Many other ethnicities feel this is just over population and too much child birth from our community. This may be in fact true. As long as we make a positive contribution to this country, I don't think we will be considered a "threat" to this countries population. Latinos are rarely appreciated, and latinas even rarer, but if the younger generation decide to become a working, and educated part of this country's foundation I think we will be very empowering.

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